Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My First Sewing Project...with some guidance of course

Learning to sew has been on the "to list" for quite some time now. I was always intrigued by Mom's stories of making her own clothes in high school and would love to have such self sufficiency. I have actually had my Mom's sewing machine sitting in our hobby room for months. A couple of weeks ago I finally had my first sewing lesson with a talented friend. She taught me the basics of using a machine, stitch spacing and straight lines (oh and how not to put my fingers in the way of the needle).  We made a fabulous bag...out of a pillowcase! I have a good deal of vintage pillowcases left from the wedding and I love the patterns and fabrics. It was meant to be a market bag but I can't resist using it as a sling purse. I have since attempted my own bag and while I consider it successful as a first try, I know I need to spend more time measuring an cutting. So far I find sewing cathartic and look forward to making it a more regular hobby. 



  1. I love it! Look at you! I want one!

  2. I have seen first hand how great this is. I want to put in an order for your first diaper bag!!!