Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Regaining our adult imagination

The other day I was out on a walk through the nature preserve by our house with Fin and Duke and for whatever reason I looked up at the beautiful moon and was taken back to younger days when I used to imagine living in space.  No really!  I LOVED Star Wars, Earth 2 (anybody remember this show with Antonio Sabato Jr.?), Star Trek, and any other "space fantasy" book, movie or show growing up.  Science fiction is still so very attractive to me.  Which may be surprising to most due to my earthy tendency's. I used to spend hours on my roof at home looking at stars, dreaming of the universe beyond and not because of creepy looking big headed aliens but because to me the idea of other planets, uninhabited by humans, represented a beautiful array of undiscovered plants and animals.  New smells, new life, new adventure.  Daydreaming of becoming a character in one of my favorite books or movies used to be a regular occurrence.  It is no longer.  Why?  Space-travel was not my only imaginary destination of course.  I remember nap time surrounded with all my stuffed animals and my cat Wicket (Yes, she was named after an Ewok).  Since we were not allowed off the bed, we made the bed a vessel traveling through water.  We could not leave the bed because we would drown.  Me, Wicket and our crew had many great adventures during nap-time and sometimes they would even continue into the back yard, I mean "exotic island" post nap-time. 
I can't seem to recall  exactly when these imaginary adventures stopped but sometimes I wish they hadn't.  Why is it that our unbound imagination builds walls as we get older? I know that it does not happen to everyone (otherwise we would not have great books and movies) but I feel like for most people, having a vivid imagination becomes repressed and shut down for some reason. Maybe it has something to do with mainstream media being focused on "reality tv" so there are no longer shows like the X-Files, Sea Quest, Earth II.  That is unless of course you happen to have the Sci-Fi channel which we don't. Well, I am trying to work on a way to get back to my imagination.  Why not?  I would love to be able to escape whenever I want.  I think maybe I will start to write some stories myself. 

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