Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I will write for you!

Only one week left until my first Holistic Health and Nutrition course starts. Over the past few months I have been setting up a home office, goal setting and getting back into the swing of daily learning and writing. I should feel overwhelmed but instead I am enlivened. It feels great to be pursuing life with passion for the first time. I highly reccomend it.

One of my long time dreams has been to mantain a freelance writing career, a journey which began quite some time ago and took me away on adventure to Boston. A masters degree, a job as a producer and five years working for the family biz later, it may seem to some I have strayed far from that dream. I can still hear family and friends urging me to just pick something and stick to it. I am glad I waited it out and found my clarity. In the present moment I strongly feel the life experiences I have had along the way seem to prove there was ultimately a reason for an alternate path and I seem to have come full circle back to my dream but with more knowledge and stronger conviction.
I love to write. It is my voice, my language and I have decided to make it a strong and ever present part of my life. I have launched a freelance writing career. I will specialize in food, nutrition, health, sustainability, edible gardening and simple living. I will also offer my services to help small businesses within these industries with website copy, newsletters, and social media. If you know of anyone in need of these services please send them my way. To all of you who have supported me along the way and continue to support my decisions, I sincerely thank you. To my future clients, I look forward to working with you and for you, I promise you will be pleased.

BTW-I will absolutely continue to contribute to this blog but there are some updates coming to it in the near future, so get excited!

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