Wednesday, May 11, 2011

This Weeks Menu...a little behind

Monday: Mediterranean Rice Bowl (kalamatas, artichokes, red peppers, onion, leeks, goat cheese, feta cheese, cherry tomatoes, sage, oregano, basil, fresh garlic, Celtic Sea Salt, pepper, red pepper flakes)
Tuesday: Everything but the kitchen sink Salad (sprouts, blueberrys, baby spinach, goat's milk feta, cherry tomatoes, leeks, avocado, cucumber, onion, hearts of palm and chick peas)
Wednesday: Tortilla Soup (onion, jalapeno,garlic, veggie broth, tomatoes, zucchini, oregano, cumin, black beans, yellow corn, lime juice, and cilantro, topped with a little plain greek yogurt)
Thursday: Szechwan Eggplant over rice noodles (eggplant, peanut oil, garlic, shiitake mushrooms, scallions, chili paste, tamari, seasame oil, fresh ginger, rice noodles.
Friday: Roasted Vegetable Paella (veggie broth, saffron threads, garlic, yellow, red and green bell peppers, zucchini, onion,plum tomatoes, oregano, thyme, aborio rice, flat leaf parsley)

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