Monday, May 16, 2011

Lighting for Chicken Coop

The big reveal of the chicken tractor is still to come.  The girls spent their first night in it last night and everyone seemed happy this morning.  From my research I found out the ladies do not need a light source in their coop at night especially with the long days we have this time of year.  And since we have been averaging temps in the high 70's at night they do not need a heat source anymore (they are growing so fast!). That said, I am still a little paranoid about their safety at night so I have been considering a solar powered light source to keep on the outside of the coop in order to deter unfriendly night visitors.  I think it could be cool to hang one of these:

It's a Sun Jar that charges during the day and glows at night.  Seems like it would be just enough light to deter but not so much light that it keeps the girls up.

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