Thursday, May 5, 2011

ousting your pit pluggers, a safe deodorant that works

Okay. So not the most glamorous title but a very IMPORTANT topic. First off, no one likes the smell of body odor, I get that. But did you know that human perspiration in is purest form has NO SMELL? That's right, NO SMELL.The ripe smell that we Americans label as B.O. is a combination of toxins being released through your sweat glands and the bacteria that likes to hang out in one of the warmest regions of your body (armpits).
Humans have a concentrated amount of sweat glands in this region to cool and regulate the temperature and we have hairy pits because bacteria does not like hair (it's a tad ironic that we ladies spend a great deal of time riding ourselves of the very thing that helps prevent smelly armpits). So now that you know the function of "the pit," what is the deal with the "pit pluggers?"
A large percentage of Americans (and those abroad) would consider their deodorant and antiperspirant as one of the staples, if not THE staple of their daily body care routine. BUT, by applying these products day after day in fear of social abomination and/or being labeled "smelly" we are indeed doing our body much more harm than good. 
For the purpose of this post, let's focus on antiperspirant(AP), the greater of the two evils. What is antiperspirant? Breaking it down into it's truest description it means "against perspiring" or "no sweat." Generally, this product is made up of synthetic fragrances and aluminium (a known neurotoxin in high doses) that mix with your body's natural electrolytes to form a plug in your sweat gland. This, in essence, keeps sweat from making it to the surface of the skin.
Now as a former AP user, I recall time spent in the shower trying to get the AP off from the day and having to scrub the pit 3-4 times or more to get that residue from leaving the skin. There is a reason! The only way for these plugs to dislodge from your skin is over time as the skin sloughs (hate that word) off. Aluminum salts in AP's do double duty as astringents contracting the glands, also preventing sweat from reaching the surface. 
So while we all walk around with our armpits plugged, our body is trying to figure out an alternate way to regulate our temperature and rid ourselves of toxins. HUM? If the toxins don't exit there, where do they go? If our body doesn't need those parabens and aluminum to function yet it is entering our body via sweat glands, where does it accumulate? In woman (and men) the closest thing to the pit is the boob (yes I said BOOB). There is much speculation on this topic and who knows why.  Maybe it has to do with money, maybe not.  But it makes perfect sense to me. And whether or not I am able to read a scientific study directly linking antiperspirant to Alzheimer's and/or Breast cancer, I am done with my antiperspirant. I also realize that keeping that area bacteria free plays a huge role AND have you ever heard the term GIGO? It means "Garbage In, Garbage Out." I know that by eating right and reducing toxins and free radicals, my body is free to concentrate on sweat for smell free temperature regulation not always for detoxing.
For any of your who are curious, yes, I will continue to shave my pits :)
On to the product review!
It took numerous dollas', nervous days at yoga and finally a word-of-mouth recommendation to find the right underarm smell reducer. Alvera's Aloe and Almonds Roll on Deodorant ROCKS!
I have to say, if I could take one skin care product with me to an island, this would be it. It smells light and great and works like a charm, even in humid, hot Florida. I have complete confidence in this product which is free of animal ingredients, alcohol, aluminum, preservatives, and dyes.  It is 75% Aloe Vera. Other ingredients that caught my eye where calendula, witch hazel and grapefruit seed extract. SOUNDS LIKE SKIN CARE TO ME!

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