Monday, May 23, 2011

Let's drop the "diet" labels

Vegetarian, Flexitarian, Omnivore, Lacto-Ovo,Vegan, Carnivore.
Does it really matter?  It's funny though, these days the second I pass on the meat, I get a bewildered look from those that surround me and 9 out of 10 times you get a "oh, are you a vegetarian?" To which my response these days is "Nope, I just eat a great deal of veggies."
I do eat mostly vegetables, grains, and beans but eggs and cheese are consistently in my diet and the occasional meat and fish creeps in too. I don't get hung up on what to call myself nor do I feel guilty if I cross the boundaries. I take a no pressure approach. If I had a request on behalf of those of us who have chosen to take a more veggie-centric diet, it would be for everyone to ditch the labels. There is no need for them and it doesn't make anyone feel better or worse about who they are. Instead we can all feel confident about our daily food decisions and not like we are thrown into a food box.

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