Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Losing Focus

It happens. Life ebbs and flows within us and around us on a regular basis. When the tides are moving and we are in transition, it can be hard to maintain focus on the things that are important in our lives. I am very thankful that I am in a state of forward progression but I also find the more I stack on my plate, the easier it is to lose focus on the discoveries I have made while in the precursor state of stagnation. At the same time, some recent minor health speed bumps have caused discouragement and pushed me further from good habits I had developed in respect to my health and body. The good news is that I am aware of it and that is half the battle.

Ideas to bring the focus back:

1. Write out your own list of one word values (i.e. healthy, family, truth). It can be for your eyes only or to share with a partner or special friend. Store this list in a place you will remember and visit them when you feel you are losing focus, are in need of self guidance or have a big decision to make. When you visit this list ask if the way you spend your time fits with these values. Generally if the way you are spending time does not, you will recognize imbalance and discomfort and you can begin to refocus on how to get back to those values.
2. Do something you have never done before. This can be as simple as testing a new recipe or as extreme as skydiving. The idea is to break away from the monotony of your daily routine and bring your focus back to the most important place. YOU!
3. Exercise, preferably outdoors. When  life gets hectic people (myself included) tend to 86 physical activity on the to-do list. Bad idea. When we exercise, we give ourselves time and permission to focus on one thing and not to have to multi-task.You may have to force yourself to get out and walk around the block, but when you return to your home or desk, you return in a more confident, clear, focused state of mind (and are working toward a tighter booty).
4. Just say "No." No one wants to tell friends and family no. But part of losing focus is over committing.  If you have never said no before, explain that you need some time to refocus and to keep you in mind the next time around. People who care about you will understand. They may even follow suit.
5. Spend time with a small child. There is no better way to regain focus than spending time around a child. They are present in that very moment and no where else. They are innocent and simple. They bring perspective to the overly electronic madness of the day. They teach us that to focus on one thing at a time brings success nine times out of ten.

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