Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Everyone has a story!

I have written about my love of CBS News Sunday Morning before.  No surprise there.  But just when I think the show can do no better...THEY DO.  This past Sunday, Correspondent Steve Hartman, brought us a wonderful three part segment.  The name- "Everybody in the World has a Story."  He spun a globe and whatever city he landed on in whatever country in the world he flew to, picked up the phone book and randomly picked a person to talk to.  Each time he found an amazing story out of a seemingly ordinary person's life.  The segments were raw, unprovoked or scripted and extremely heartfelt each time. 
The neatest part of the segment was not elements within the individual person's story.  It was my own reaction to the idea that I am not the only person in the world. It was overwhelming to realize how selfish humans can be. Being selfish is not necessarily a bad thing.  It gives us the ability sustain life on Earth.  It only becomes toxic when a person is unable to take "self-less" breaks to love and care for another or when we consistently deny through words and actions that we co-exist with billions of other selfish creatures every second of our selfish lives. We tend to forget that there are others out there.  Not just in our office, our home, our community, our state, our country, but in the world! There could be ten other women in ten other countries dealing with the same issues as me right this very second.  There ARE hundreds of thousands of people less fortunate than me and at least a couple thousand :) that may be a tad bit more fortunate than me.  I am one person. Thanks to that segment, I am walking around this week with a little more perspective.  While the segment put me in my tiny little place in this vast world, it did one other important thing as well.  It made me realize that I have a story too! To me my story may be mundane and typical but to someone, somewhere else in the world, maybe it could be considered raw, unprovoked and heartfelt as well.  Thanks Sunday Morning!  I will continue to watch you in awe of your creativity and brilliant journalism!

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  1. What an awesome idea! Man, do I wish I had resources like that! I'd love to just go investigate that way... it's like spinning a globe and wherever your finger is when it stops is your next adventure!