Friday, October 22, 2010

Hangover Friday!

Today I have been fighting a really bad hangover. Honestly, I did not think that I would make it until lunch time at work but its almost 2 and I am still here (Ryan would be proud). Hangovers are a nasty way to experience a day. Headache, cloudy brain, inability to focus, tummy ache, constant hunger. Though payment is due upon waking, I still say it was worth it! Last night I got to spend time with friends, family and even some strangers.We were all brought together to raise money for a great cause and we all got to know each other a little better. It was awesome. 
Today started out really bad but I am blessed to work with family and therefore could admit my payment for last night was in full affect without repercussions. My Mom, sister and I were all able to laugh about me not having to reapply makeup this morning (and about the kid that sings "Teenage Dream" on YouTube). Sorry Dad, I got some stuff done but not much! I'll make up for it on Monday. 

Lesson Learned:  Sometimes the experience is worth the hangover oh and laughter really helps cure a hangover!

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