Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Women's Health Month

October is women’s health month.  What are you doing to honor your health ladies?
I currently:
·         Eat a diet of whole foods and unrefined sugars (with a very occasional splurge)
·         Exercise on a regular basis and have incorporated a regular yoga practice into my life
·         Am working on regulating my hormones and family planning (sans synthetics) using herbs and nutrition
·         Spend as much time as possible outdoors, honoring my womanly connection with Mother Nature
·         Pay my yearly visit to the doctor for female diagnostic tests
I pledge to:
·         Conduct my monthly breast exams
·         Be more confident about the things I want to accomplish
·         Not be so hard on myself for the mistakes I make and my perceived flaws
·         Be a fabulous wife by honoring my husband’s strengths, appreciating his goodwill, and ignoring any little nuisances

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