Monday, August 22, 2011

A Compliment of Action

I tend to lose myself in a world of jealousy when I scour the Internet finding people doing the things I want to be doing. As Ryan and I sat last night reviewing one of those such sites, I boiled with jealousy, stating "ugh, that was the idea I had" and "I should have done it by now" and with the last of the pity party that Ryan could handle: "I just need to find a different way to do it," he busted out with "you do have a different way to do it, you have YOU!" Silence. WOW, I thought to myself, he has a point. And I thanked him for the compliment (not sure if he knew it was a compliment at the time). The ramifications of that compliment became a mission to figure out not what I want to do but rather what's holding me back from doing it. And with a little more thought it seems my procrastination for pursuing those dreams has nothing to do with the actual work to get there or the fact that maybe it has, in a simple sense, been done before. It has nothing to do with how much money it will cost or who will agree or disagree with my decision. People are not holding me back, my brain is holding me back. Every single one of us is a different person and lives life differently. No matter what I do it will not be the SAME as anything else and I am thankful for that.
Last night my partner in life (and crime) unknowingly snapped me right back to reality while simultaneously shooting my confidence through the roof. He did not outwardly translate or expound on that one line, but he didn't have to. It was a compliment and a call to action all in one and it was just enough to jolt me into a very valid and real voice,  speaking just the words I needed to hear, and will continue to repeat over and over in my head. I AM ENOUGH. I AM THE DIFFERENCE. I urge you to do the same when you find yourself feeling stuck or jealous in a very saturated world.

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