Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Make Up Free Me

It's liberating when you decide that you don't "need" makeup to go outside. I wonder when it became status quo to feel like prior to being presentable to the world you have to slap on foundation to cover up blemishes and minimize freckles; eye liner, eye shadow and mascara to accentuate your already beautiful eyes; blush to make you appear flushed and rosy (does anyone know how that came about? I do and it makes me blush just thinking about it); lipstick to make your lips look better. Ask your husbands, partners, and friends if they really care what you slap on your face. I bet nine times out of ten they prefer a fresh faced lady than one concealed with chemicals. I have never been one to wear a great deal of makeup but I have to admit I was in the habit of feeling it necessary to at least give the face a once over with powder and make my eyes "pop" with eye liner and eyeshadow. During this cleanse I decided to clean up my beauty routine and let my skin breathe. I tossed outdated makeup and made a vow to replace it with chemical free, natural products only. In the meantime, I have not put on one bit of makeup for the last ten days. And while it felt pretty weird at first, I am glad I confronted the akwardness of once again feeling comfortable in my own skin. I can't say I won't wear makeup again, but I do know that when I do, it will be my choice, for fun, and not part of a "beauty routine" or standard dictated by the outside world.


  1. well look at you, bright eyes! you look fantastic!

  2. Randi, I continue to be inspired by the things you write about here! I wish we could hang out together and ask you questions! You look beautiful here!