Monday, September 27, 2010

A perfect (CBS) Sunday Morning and a great breakfast.

CBS Sunday Morning airs at 9 a.m. EST, Sundays
If you have never had the pleasure of watching "CBS Sunday Morning", I highly recommend it.  "Sunday Morning" is what you would consider a news magazine which in my opinion doesn't do it justice.  The show in its original format was started in 1979 although it boasts one of the most amazing archives of footage dating back to the start of film recording.  "Sunday Morning" is a break from the drab and depressing mood of most tv news outlets these days and has the perfect mix of non-biased long form news stories, current issues, art, music, and history all packed into a 2 hour show.  While going through broadcast journalism school, I was motivated by the thought of one day working on a show of such stellar quality.  While my broadcast career may not have been a success, I continue to watch and delight in a positive and enlightening program as often as possible.  
This past Sunday, Ryan left early to go on a fishing trip and I took the opportunity to make myself a great breakfast to be enjoyed while "Sunday Morning" kept me company.  My weekend breakfasts used to to consist of eggs and bread in some form.  I am starting to get creative on a suitable bread replacement.  This past Sunday I made a brussel sprout and potato hash topped with two eggs over easy.  AMAZING!

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