Tuesday, September 21, 2010

In honor of the Harvest Moon, I am pining over this Garden Gear!

ALL FROM http://www.shopterrain.com/
That slight cool breeze has finally arrived and I am ready for Fall gardening.  If only I had the above accessories to cheer me on! Who says you can't be stylish and girlie among the vegetables?  I am almost ready to post pics of the new veggie garden.  So far I have prepped the beds with compost, topsoil, dolomite (volcanic ash) and a little perlite for drainage.  The paths have been mulched and I hope to have the drip irrigation in this weekend (with Ryan's help of course). Yesterday I planted all sorts of beans and the corn and tomato starts seem to be hanging in there although I fear the weather may still be a tad toasty for them.  I threw in some Red Okra as well because I know the Okra will take advantage of the remaining heat and humidity. I am trying garlic for the first time ever and after researching it I decided to take the "cold stratification by fridge" approach.  My bulbs arrived last week and I immediately stuck them in the refrigerator for the next 8 weeks.  More on those when I plant in late October.  Can't wait to share all my Zone 9 gardening experiences with you!

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