Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Loving this post on https://getcurrency.com/blog/eating-well-in-an-organized-kitchen
1. Bamboo bowls $17
2. Ceramic knife set (similar to shown), from $30
3. Glass storage bowls $20
4. Glass storage jars, from $3
5. Wooden serving tray $10
6. Bamboo cutting boards, from $34
7. Ceramic storage jars $5
8. Penny candy jars $5
9. Reuseable shopping bags, from $6.50

What I am really looking for is item 4.  The glass storage jars.  My new gluten free diet has be purchasing loads of dried beans, quinoa, rice and different flours.  I would love to keep those as well as a homemade museli mix fresh.

Also really like this one:

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