Monday, July 25, 2011

Breaking a bad habit to make room for a good one!

The hubs and I just got back from a great long weekend in a place we had never been, with great peeps, stunning views and delicious food and drinks. It is always so refreshing to visit a part of the country different from our home and even more refreshing when that part of the country appreciates summer weather and outdoor activity. Now that we are back and home for quite some time, I am ready to get out of the routine of TV or movies during dinner. I start school in a little over a month but will continue to work full time with the prospect of a second part-time job on the horizon. The eat and watch, then watch some more habit must be broken in order to free up time and leave room for nightly reading and writing for school. Fortunately, summer cable stinks so it's pretty easy to relieve that part if the time. I can also justify this because I realize that eating dinner is something that should be done at a table and not in front of a TV in order to be present while consuming and for your body to get the best and the most out of what you eat. Because I shutter when I think about giving up movie watching completely, I have decided to keep my Netflix account as an incentive on the weekends. So as I set my goal to break the habit I have carried for quite some time now I vow to still make the best and enjoy my nights until school starts.
Things I can do instead of turning to the boob tube:
  • draw and color
  • organize and clean
  • read and write
  • take luxurious aromatherapy baths
  • cook 
  • meal prep
  • meditate
  • give myself homemade spa treatments
  • edit and frame photographs
  • experiment in the kitchen 
  • go to bed early!
  • cuddle with the dogs
  • work on my business plan
  • write letters and emails to friends
  • catch up with long distance friends on the computer
  • research and read online
  • peruse my favorite blogs and find more to follow
See, there is plenty to do. Now am excited!

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