Saturday, July 2, 2011

Great Flavor from Green Kitchen Stories!

Taken from Green Kitchen Stories Blog
Happy 4th of July Weekend! Us Floridians are starting ours off with a thunderstorm. I wanted to share an awesome recipe link from the beautiful family over at Green Kitchen Stories. If you have never been to their blog you are truly missing out. Not only are they an adventurous adorable couple but they have a little girl that has the most amazing palette at such a young age and their pictures are always stunning. Their recipes are all vegetarian and mostly gluten and dairy free. This particular link is for their portabello peach burgers and I cannot rave enough about this flavor combo. I made this last week but altered it slightly in that I did not grill the mushroom or the peaches. Instead I baked them in the oven, gill side up with peach slices stacked on top so the juices flowed into the portabello. Then I added a slice of fontina cheese on top last minute instead of the avocado. I also added fresh arugula on the ciabatta for a little peppery green flavor. As seen in their pics, this sammie is a mouthful and I decided that next time I would do it open faced. Give it a try!

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