Thursday, June 30, 2011

Big News!!! I am a student...AGAIN!

So after many months of research and a recommendation from someone with the same name, I have officially enrolled and been accepted into the Diploma for Holistic Health Practice program through the American College of Health and Sciences. I will continue to work full-time while enrolled in the program but am super psyched about taking the next step toward my "passion business." My goal is to first receive my Certification in Holistic Nutrition Consulting and then continue working toward my Diploma over the next two years and when that is complete, my final goal is to become Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition and have my own consulting practice. While Florida is a little weird about the Holistic Health Industry, I think it is detrimental in filling a gap for American's health and I am so excited to be part of such an innovative and important branch of the Health and Wellness industry. YAY ME!!

Here is a description of the program:

Program Description:
The Diploma in Holistic Health Practice is a professional training program for people seeking to earn a comprehensive and recognized credential to establish a holistic health practice or to add to an existing health care practice.

Graduates will be able to recommend complementary wellness protocols using aromatherapy, flower essences, herbal medicine, homeopathy, iridology, holistic nutrition, and reflexology. Graduates will also be able to discuss nutrition as a foundation for health, including the biochemistry of nutrition, vitamins, minerals, dietary supplements, juice therapy, elimination therapy, fasting, and acid alkaline balance. In addition, graduates will have the training to legally and successfully establish a holistic health consultancy, including case taking, case studies, clinic management, legal issues, ethics, and informed consent.

What this also means is that I will be able to continue this blog and give my readers EVEN more valuable and practical information as you all work toward a healthy, happy life! YAY YOU!

I start the program in September so get excited!

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