Thursday, June 23, 2011

Front Garden Ideas

Despite soaring temperatures, no rain in weeks and a small stink bug infestation, we are still getting loads of delicious cherry tomatoes from the soil bag garden in the front,  We also have at least four volleyball sized watermelons and the peppers are struggling to produce. It is quite clear that a garden in the front will work just fine and I am excited to hopefully have it up and producing in the Fall. We are still trying to decide what we want to use to create the raised beds. If you recall this "Florida Mountain" in our front yard is, in fact, a septic field and therefore we will want to provide our own soil for the beds. I popped over to the Gardeners Supply website this morning and am really liking these:

This one was the least expensive. It is made from cedar and comes in a kit that you put together.

This is my favorite because it is so elevated that it would make it so you could see them from the windows inside the house and it could provide a little extra privacy. Plus this may be helpful for rodent/cat/pest control. I just love the idea of a little bistro set too. The added height to the bed is easier to maintain because there is less bending over involved. This one is also made of cedar.

This is new and its called a "grow camp". The idea behind it is that you have your garden, greenhouse and pest control all in one. This is the least aesthetically pleasing but could make for some easier gardening and would be a great beginners garden or perfect for a patio gardener. This one is NOT cheap ladies and gents!

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