Monday, June 20, 2011

The Glass Straw Craze

So tomorrow I will be visiting a new dentist. I usually try to avoid this experience but while on vaca last week I realized that a former filling had not held by the excruciating pain I felt while sipping a rum punch. Unfortunately, I have a history of weak teeth and cavities despite my rigid routine of flossing, using a sonicare and my low sugar, healthy diet. I also have had a "permanent" retainer on my front bottom teeth that I am OVER and ready to have removed. That said, I took the leap and made the appointment. My Mom also recently visited the dentist and while she had no major issues the dentist did ask if she drank tea and coffee regularly to which her response was that she drank a good amount of green tea on a daily basis. The dentist warned her that this is not good for her teeth. Yikes. So one minute we are told to drink copious amounts of green tea for good health and the next we are told its bad for our teeth. Ho Hum! There is always something. I too drink a ton of teas and therefore did some research on what a good solution to this dilemma could be. The solution I found was:
Yes,  a glass straw. Now at first this is rather intimidating. What if it breaks in my mouth? What if it hurts my front teeth? How do I clean it? All valid concerns I would say but that is why I looked into it a little more. The benefits FAR out way the risks, if there even are risks.
  • Glass straws are made from the same glass as Pyrex containers. They are dishwasher and microwave safe. (soak in vinegar for a sparkly straw)
  • Glass straws can make any drink "look" prettier and taste better.
  • Glass straws are super "green" in that they replace hundreds of thousands of petroleum made plastic straws used worldwide each day.
  • Using a glass straw as opposed to a plastic one helps to avoid exposure to the harmful effects of some common plastics.
  • Using a glass straw push the liquids beyond the teeth, to the tongue and then down the throat, therefore your teeth get a break from being coated with liquids that contain sugar, acid, and natural dyes that can break down the enamel and make your chompers more susceptible to cavities, decay and discoloration.
  • These can be used with any temperature liquid (be careful not to burn yourself though)
These are all very good reasons for me. I do not yet posses my own glass straw but rest assured I will be purchasing one very soon and hopefully it will come with its own cool carrying case.

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