Monday, June 6, 2011

Had to share...

...this amazing affirmation. So much about our eating and nourishment is controlled mentally. As I explore the American diet, I realize the obesity, weight, and health issues we carry cannot be controlled or healed by going "on a diet" or by taking a pill. Instead we must go to our core and focus on how much power we individually have over our weight, our health, and our mental sanity. Patricia Moreno focuses on a long term lifestyle health routine. This is from her post today on CrazySexyLife:
Every day in every way
I co-create my reality
As above so is below
This is what I know
Today I choose to see
What is right about me
When I ask it is given
What I believe I receive
I am preparing for success
I am available for guidance
I have the power to choose
What I think, eat and do
Where fear has blocked me
Love now surrounds me
Everything is right about me.
And so it is!

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